For the past 90 years the name NORIS has been associated with innovative measuring and automation technology "Made in Germany". With numerous innovations, the NORIS Group GmbH has established itself as a major player in the shipbuilding industry and transportation technology on the German and international markets. In real terms, this means significantly more than 5000 automation systems and more than 3000 engine safety systems and local operating panels. In addition, the delivery of more than 30.000 sensors per year. Effectively, since 1925 there are only a few ships that are not equipped with NORIS products.

To mark the 90th anniversary of our traditional company from Nuremberg, we are taking a look at our eventful past.

Automation technology

We develop custom engine management solutions in the field of shipboard propulsion, including data acquisition, monitoring and alarm systems (IAMCS), remote control concepts for shipboard propulsion, control solutions for underwater technology, as well as control and monitoring systems for cogeneration plants.

Sensor technology and signal processing

We use our speed sensors, temperature sensors and pressure sensors for your measuring task and we offer suitable signal processing devices, such as measuring transducers, limit-value switches and multifunctional devices.


Our modern display devices can be used to visualise your measurement values. We also build analogue indicators in line with your specifications.